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Discovering locations in the south: Eden Stretch Tents and stunning venues

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the landscape, the magic of Eden Stretch Tents unfolds. We’ve had the privilege of adorning some of the most picturesque venues with our stretch tents, transforming spaces into the perfect setting for unforgettable events. Let’s embark on a journey through six of these captivating venues, each with its own charm and allure.

Firle Place: Where History Meets Elegance

A wedding venue in East Sussex perfect for a stretch tents (Lewes)

Nestled in the heart of the South Downs National Park, Firle Place exudes timeless elegance and grandeur. Steeped in history, this stately home provides a majestic backdrop for weddings and corporate events alike. Our stretch tents seamlessly blend with the lush green surroundings, offering shelter while preserving the breathtaking views of the rolling countryside.

One Garden: A Haven of Serenity

A Stretch tent for a wedding set up in the Garden of One Garden (Brighton, East Sussex)

Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life lies One Garden, an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city. Surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant blooms, this hidden gem is a sanctuary for those seeking solace and connection with nature. Our stretch tents provide a cosy retreat for intimate gatherings, where laughter mingles with the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze.

Spring Gardens Nursery: Where Beauty Blooms

10m x 7.5m stretch tent set up at Spring Garden ( Pulborough, West Sussex)

As the name suggests, Spring Gardens bursts to life with a kaleidoscope of colours and fragrances, heralding the arrival of a new season. This botanical paradise sets the stage for garden parties and outdoor celebrations, with our stretch tents offering shade and shelter amidst the blooming flora. Guests are invited to wander through meandering pathways, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

The Cherry Barn: Rustic Charm Redefined

10.5m x 15m stretch tent with all sides up in the garden of The Cherry Barn (Rye, East Sussex)

Tucked away in the countryside, Cherry Barn exudes rustic charm and understated elegance. With its exposed beams and reclaimed wood accents, this converted barn provides a cosy yet sophisticated setting for weddings and special events. Our stretch tents complement the rustic aesthetic, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces beneath the starry night sky.

Hurtwood Polo Club: Where Sport Meets Sophistication

A venue in (Cranleigh, Guilford)

The club is set in 180 acres of outstanding beauty in the Surrey countryside within easy reach of London and the major towns of the South East. As well as the equestrian facilities, Hurtwood Park also offers a complete range of facilities for all types of events – whether private or corporate.

Saltmarsh Farmhouse: Coastal Elegance by the Sea

A perfect venue for a wedding or Party with ample space for a stretch tent to keep you covered. (Seven Sisters, Seaford)

Perched on the edge of the coastline, Saltmarsh Farmhouse epitomises coastal elegance and charm. With panoramic views of the ocean stretching to the horizon, this idyllic venue is a haven for coastal view weddings. Our stretch tents capture the essence of coastal living, providing a sheltered space for celebrations against the backdrop of crashing waves and salty sea air.

In conclusion, the venues adorned by Eden Stretch Tents are more than just locations—they are canvases upon which unforgettable moments are painted. From historic estates to tranquil gardens and coastal retreats, each venue offers a unique setting for life’s most precious occasions. With our elegant stretch tents, we invite you to elevate your event and create memories that will last a lifetime


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