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Why Stretch Tent Marquees Outshine Clearspan Marquees

When it comes to choosing the perfect marquee for your event, the decision often boils down to aesthetics, versatility, and practicality. Stretch tent marquees offer several advantages over regular clearspan marquees that make them an increasingly popular choice.

7 stretch tents set up for these hills festival (lewes, East Sussex)

1. Aesthetic Appeal

Stretch tents provide a modern, sleek look that can transform any event space. Their organic shapes and flowing lines create a unique and stylish atmosphere, unlike the often rigid and industrial appearance of clearspan marquees.

5.5m x 7m stretch tent set up in small garden for a wedding party. (Brighton, East Sussex)

2. Versatility

Stretch tents are incredibly adaptable. They can be set up on various terrains, including uneven ground, which is often a challenge for clearspan structures. Additionally, their modular nature allows for creative configurations, accommodating any event size or setting.

10.5m x 15m stretch tent setup in a large garden. Tunbridge wells, Kent)

3. Weather Resistance

With their flexible and waterproof fabric, stretch tents can handle diverse weather conditions, providing reliable shelter from rain and sun. The tensioned setup also ensures stability against strong winds, often outperforming the standard clearspan frame in challenging environments.

10.5m x 10m stretch tent for 50th birthday party. (Kingston, London)

4. Ease of Installation

Setting up a stretch tent is typically quicker and less labor-intensive than erecting a clearspan marquee. This efficiency translates into reduced setup costs and less disruption to the venue, making it an economical choice for event and party planners.

10.5m x 15m custom setup with the back down for extra wedding venue space. (Tonbridge, Kent)

5. Customisability

Stretch tents offer high customization potential. They can be lit creatively and decorated to match any theme, providing a personalised touch that clearspan marquees struggle to achieve with their uniform

While clearspan marquees have their place in the event industry, stretch tent marquees bring a blend of style, flexibility, and practicality that can elevate any event. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, party, or festival, stretch tents offer a visually stunning and functionally superior alternative. Consider a stretch tent for your next event and experience the difference in ambiance and adaptability.


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